Access to Capital for Early Stage Companies

Access to Capital for Early - Stage Companies

Smart Angels is affiliated with SMA Capital Inc, a boutique venture capital company in Calgary, Alberta. Together, we have raised capital for several early-stage ventures and developed a network of accredited investors who invest on a regular basis. We evaluate each opportunity and send presentations to accredited investors who qualify as ‘EXEMPT’ from securities regulations in Canada and USA. 

Raising capital for early-stage companies is difficult at the best of times. Many investors have their own investment criteria and industry preference. Knowing where to go and who to see is our specialty. 

We introduce clients to the investors who show interest and you pitch them, similar to what happens on Shark Tank TV. You chose the ones you like best and negotiate for funding in the 3M- $5M range, or portions thereof. You need early traction, proof of concept, good profit potential, competent management and ability to scale. SMA receives a stock option and finder fee based on performance. 


SMA/Smart Angels is connected online with over 3,500 of the most active VCs and angel groups in North America, plus family offices and individual investors well known to us. The VCs and angel groups are in Canada, USA and Europe; the individual investors are located mostly in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. All investors are vetted for compatibility, credibility and investment activity. 

Over the years, members of our venture team have collectively raised $1Billion in funding for over 450 early-stage companies and our realty team has raised over $1Billion for real estate investments. Let’s present your venture to our investor network and make things happen. 

Send your business plan in confidence to: [email protected]

We work together with angel investors, venture capital funds and accredited investors to further the growth of early-stage companies.

Richard Hansen

Educated at Dalhousie University and University of Calgary, Richard was a real estate developer (76 projects in 28 towns/cities) in Western Canada and USA for several years. His largest project was ‘Roxboro House’ (147 luxury condos) in Calgary, with partner Morris Kowall, He also developed residential subdivisions in Alberta and Denver in joint ventures with Lehndorff Corporation, Hamburg, Germany (2,300 residential lots, plus multi-family/commercial lands).

Richard has been active in venture capital for several years as founder, investor, director, and officer in a wide range of investments, including Telesat Canada Mobile Satellite Division and Faxcast, a telecom company that expanded to over 30 countries. Over the years, he controlled 12 junior public companies (on 4 stock exchanges), one of whom, manufactured underwater ROVs for CANDU nuclear reactors on a world-wide basis. In addition, he has invested in ready mix concrete, sand & gravel, mineral properties, oil & gas interests, technology companies, etc.

Richard served on advisory boards at Mount Royal University and the City of Calgary. He is an alumnus member of several angel groups and networks with angel and venture capital investors throughout North America.

Mark O'Donoghue

Mark O’Donoghue CPA, CA is a Calgary entrepreneur with over 30 years business experience. 

He is a partner and senior officer in Azcan RPG Corp and Azcan Residential Real Estate Trust which has acquired/resold over 400 residential properties in the USA.  Prior to assuming executive roles with Azcan, Mark owned and operated a business advisory practice, earning several awards for his work.  During this period, he worked extensively with over 40 businesses with revenues ranging from $500K to $10M.

Mark has also provided leadership, executive coaching and training to several multi-billion organizations.  Mark is an active investor and strategic partner in several private companies.  Prior to launching his advisory practice, he was co-founder/CEO of an investment advisory firm in the Turks & Caicos Islands (7 yrs).

Mark is an owner/developer of RV Travel Parks and Self-Storage Units.

Mark earned his Bachelor of Commerce (1988) and his CA designation (1992) articling with Ernst & Young.

Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson is a Calgary/Kelowna entrepreneur. He is also a registered mortgage broker who has funded in excess of $300M in mortgage financing, prior to which he was an Area Sales Manager for a major house builder where he gained vast knowledge in construction procedures and building costs, along with maintaining a successful sales portfolio.

Scott has 12 years sales and financial experience in the real estate industry; prior to which, he worked extensively in the retail industry for most of his early career.  He developed a high level of knowledge in consumer products, product placement, inventory procurement, sales and management systems.  He has managed retail operations exceeding $40-$60M per year.

Aquisitions - Mergers - Joint Ventures

Some of the larger investors have portfolio companies who are actively engaged in acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.  We can act as a facilitator in this regard.


The information contained herein is not an offer to sell or recommend securities.  SMA/Smart Angels participation is limited to our role as an investor, facilitator, matchmaker and mentor. All funding agreements are negotiated between the client and accredited investors on a direct basis. Early-stage investing is highly speculative and suitable only for those who can afford the loss of their investment.

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